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Do It Yourself

We hope you enjoy some of our DIY projects as well as some note worthy projects from others. The goal here is to provide you with ideas maybe some know how and most of all confidence.

We have some really cool projects in the planning stages and will be sure to document them well along the way. Stay tuned for new projects coming soon.

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Let our ideas and experience work for you. We blog about everything DIY from Home Security to planting a Garden or building a pond for the yard. From Crafts to Construction

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Every homeowner at some point will need to replace a toilet. This can be a bit intimidating if you aren't a "handy" person. Never fear the good people at Home Depot have a step by step video that will walk you through it. This is a simple repair that any homeowner can do. Save yourself some money and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

811, misdig, underground utilities

Never dig without checking for underground utilities

It's simple just dial 811 a few days before you plan to dig. This step could save you a lot of time, money and maybe even your life!

811 is the phone number you call before digging to protect yourself and others from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines. There are millions of miles of buried utilities beneath the surface of the earth that are vital to everyday living like water, electricity and natural gas. 811 is the federally designated call before you dig number that helps homeowners and professionals avoid damaging these vital utilities. When you make the free call to 811 a few days before you dig, you'll help prevent unintended consequences such as injury to you or your family, damage to your property, utility service outages to the entire neighborhood and potential fines and repair costs.

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Please take some time to browse some of our favorite products. We try our best to provide quality products from great manufacturers. Many of these items are used daily by members of our staff in their own homes.

ADA Americans with Disabilities. Here you will find tons of useful information in regard to handicap accessibility. If you own or run a business you will absolutely need to become familiar with these standards and regulations. Please consider that even if you aren't running a business it is likely that you have aging familiy members. These things are easly overlooked but, could make a huge difference for some both in comfort as well as safety.Here you will find information on many topics including ramps and railings and much more. Americans With Disabilities

You can also find helpful homecare products at resonable prices at MyCareHomeMedical

Holmes on Homes

HGTV contractor advises homeowners around the world on how to manage renovations, home repairs and maintenance. If you haven't ever watched his show you should really check it out. When you see the disasters many unqualified contractors can cause you just may save yourself a ton of heartache. Holmes is a true professional and knows how to do things correctly.

HGTV Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis. Make old new again

Rehab Addict

A self-taught home rehabber and designer with a passion for saving old houses, Nicole is also a mom and a master of salvage picking.

Nicole has a terrific eye for style when she restores old run down properties and brings them back to life. She keeps the old style and makes it feel new again.

Home Invasion- From a family that lived it

We hope our story can help another family avoid this nightmare.