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We hope you enjoy some of our DIY projects as well as some note worthy projects from others. The goal here is to provide you with ideas maybe some know how and most of all confidence. We have some really cool projects in the planning stages and will be sure to document them well along the way. Stay tuned for new projects coming soon.
Upcoming Projects:
Kitchen Cabinet refinish
Hardwood floor
Brick Paver Patio
Shed build (maybe even some cement work on this one)

Outdoor kitchen made from reused wood pallets

Backyard Kitchen from repurposed pallets

Check out this beautiful outdoor kitchen from 101

Who wouldn’t love to relax with friends and enjoy BBQ in style.

Check out more images

Beadboard wallpaper easy do it yourself project

Beadboard alternative DIY projects

Have you ever considered covering the bottom half of a wall with Beadboard? We can all agree it is a great look! It has a certain cottage feel yet also a level of sofistication. It has a great feel of country cottage charm that just makes you feel good. So what is stopping you? If I had to guess I would say.... Money, Lack of power tools, You just don't know how or maybe you don't have a way to transport the 4x8 wood panels. Lets not even mention if you are planning to remodel an upstairs or downstairs room. That sounds a bit heavy to carry doesnt it. What if I told you that you can get that same great look and feel cheaper and much easier without powertools or a back ache? By using a high quality beadboard wall paper you can create a beautiful accent to virtually any space. Think beyond the bottom of the wall in a bathroom. You can refinish cabinets or even create an amazing ceiling. The skies the limit since you don't need to lift heavy panels and forget trying to cut odd angles with wood. If you can use scissors you can do some pretty amazing DIY projects. Take a look at this awesome example from You can find tons of DIYers transforming their homes with this durable wallpaper. Here is a link to purchase the paper and get you started on the road to impressing your friends and family. We wont tell them how easy it was that can be our little secret. 

Custom Kitchen Remodel. Professionally installed cabinets and then the homeowner stepped in to finish the job. Installing ceramic floor and glass backsplash just takes some time and a little elbow grease. This homeowner has a spectacular kitch and save thousands!

garage storage using PVC pipe.

Garage Storage using PVC

Clean up your cluttered garage with some leftover PVC pipe you have laying around. Simply cut even sized pieces of PVC and screw them to the wall. It is that easy! Dont forget to be creative I'm sure you can come up with many uses. How about across the back of your work bench for screw drivers?????

Repair block porch that is cracked and crumbling

Crumbling Block Porch

Crumbling block on your porch? Here is a problem all homeowners are sure to deal with at some point. Instead of spending a ton of money to hire someone to fix it why not give it a shot. All you need to do is remove the front of the blocks. This is key DO NOT try to remove the back section of the block. That would be really difficult and the porch may collapse or at a minimum the slab on top would likely crack. All you need is to get 1" or 2" solid block to replace the faces of the block you removed. Get a bag of ready mix mortar and mix it with water. Not to wet and not to dry. The ideal consistency is like really thick gravy. It should kind of stick to your shovel. I would also suggest what is called a tuckpointing tool to push the mortar into the joints between the blocks. Basically lay about an inch of mortar down and then set the block on it. Then you can use the tuckpointing tool to push mortar in between the blocks and on the top of the block. 

Eastern Kentucky rustic log cabin

DIY Rustic Kentucky Log Cabin

Have you ever thought what it would be like to own a cabin on the top of a mountain? For one man the thoughts turned to action. Please look at some photos of this southeast Kentucky cabin. This is probably the holy grail for a Do It Yourselfer. It started by clearing and leveling the land. No easy task considering the only access is a simple two track left behind by a coal company. As you can imagine getting tools and equipment to the build site is difficult at best. The remote location dictates old world techniques would be necessary. For this dreamer that wasn’t a setback, it was part of the dream. The idea was to use as any materials from the property as possible. Let the logging and rock collecting begin. Imagine what it must feel like after all of the labor and hours that went into this project to sit in a creaky rocking chair and watch the sun set behind the mountains. To know you did it all yourself chopped, cut, nailed all of it. I would imagine there is an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment every time you start up that steep road leading up to your cabin.

Ceramic Tile

Prepairing subfloor for ceramic tile. Check out this video from our friends at Home Depot. This could be the difference between success and failure.

Raised Vegetable Garden

Check out this vegetable garden! Well it is more than just any old veggie patch. Using patio blocks as a retaining wall this veggie patch becomes a centerpiece in your lanscape. This really is one impressive raised garden.

Installing a Glass Tile Backsplash

For a beautiful backsplash glass tiles is the way to go! Check out this video from This Old House. Very simple project with a lot of wow factor.

Cutting Crown Molding

Our friend Tom Silva from This Old House explains how to cut crown molding. This is definately worth watching.

Install or Replace a Toilet

Every homeowner at some point will need to replace a toilet. This can be a bit intimidating if you aren't a "handy" person. Never fear the good people at Home Depot have a step by step video that will walk you through it. This is a simple repair that any homeowner can do. Save yourself some money and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.